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In my early twenties I was on my a-game being this single little fox in the British Virgin Islands, getting paid to frolic around in bikinis and cook on yachts for a living, I fell madly in love with this super hot fisherman, moved back to the states, and the next thing I knew 2 years later I’d become this pale, squishy thing.  Catching my own reflection in the mirror made me embarrassed.

I was an avid yogi, teaching 10 heated power vinyasa classes a week, and it was like no matter how many hours I put in, I wasn’t seeing a difference in my body.  I became passive aggressive towards girls who “had it together”, lashed out at my fiancé when he said anything I could remotely twist into a comment about weight or body image. I felt like I just didn’t have it going on anymore. 

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I stumbled upon Buti yoga, which from the outside looked to me like a combination between a strip tease, booty dancing and yoga and my heart skipped a beat. Something that gives me permission to wear some booty shorts and a sports bra and possibly look HALF as hot as THOSE bitches? SIGN ME UP!

I completed my first Buti training in Dallas July 2015, and talk about a powerful experience. There were women of all shapes and sizes, ranging from early twenties into their late sixties, and the thing I couldn’t help but notice was women who were already certified came to support us new girls testing out. Moms would bring their teen and preteen daughters and they would practice with us. It was this multi-generational event of the most super challenging, fun work out I’d ever been a part of, and at the end of the class when you’re just laying on the floor with the music blasting I just cried. I cried my little heart out because this was the missing piece in my puzzle. 

There's Nothing More Sexy Than Confidence.

I reconnected with my confidence as a fierce, wild, untamed woman and shared that with the tribe of women around me.  And a side benefit - within six weeks of practicing Buti yoga, I lost 2 inches off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips.  The heart of what we do is connect with our inner sense of power and beauty, and your having a stronger, toned body is just a byproduct.


My heart and intention for my Buti events is for you to connect with your feminine power and sexuality, bond with other powerful real women, and then take it into every area of your life. 

Personal Training

If you’re a bride with your big day coming up, or your a mom who’s wanting to set aside some “me time” with a few of the girl in the neighborhood, and you want a fun way to tone up and feel your best and get your $#!t tight without having to drone on for hours on a treadmill or a stationary bike, and want to build stamina, work out some serious stress and anxiety, all the while blastin’ some Jay Z — say no more. I’ve got you.

Availability: Personal training is tentative on my personal schedule and itinerary.

Cost: Starts at $175/session. One on one sessions or neighborhood meet ups welcomed.

Let’s connect and see if the stars align!

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