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Meet Shelby.

Shelby HeadshotEDIT.png

Hi, my name is Shelby Ring, I’m a videographer and I love to tell stories. I’m also a yoga instructor, a fiancé, and I love lovin’ on people. I have two furry babies; one’s golden and one’s yellow.  When not up to my elbows in Final Cut Pro, you might find me sweating in a yoga class or eating fried oysters at Page’s Okra Grill. I love creating wedding videos because they’re an amazing way to find strength and inspiration in a relationship.

10 Fun Facts About Shelby

My Favorite Movie Growing Up... Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.



There's Nothing Like... A Uniball Vision Elite Pen and Graphing Paper at 6 AM.

On a weekend off you might find me... knee deep in pluff mud clamming with my dogs and fiancé.

I used to...cook on term charter yachts in the British Virgin Islands.

 I'll never forget... the deafening sound of that cruise ship propellers leaving the harbor during my first scuba diving experience.  I was positive I was going to get prop-chopped.

One of my all-time favorite pastimes... Talking trash, drinking margaritas, and smoking cigars off the back of the boat with my old favorite Captain, Rooster.

Are You From Charleston originally? Nope, born and raised in Austin, Texas.

What's Your "Spirit Animal"? Definitely a white wolf.

One of your favorite things to do... west coast swing dancing.

If you were a superhero your Kryptonite would be...fried oysters, essential oils and stupid cat memes.