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Meet Our Team.

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Hi, my name is Shelby Ring, I’m the Chief Cat Herder here at Nest Productions.  Austin, Texas raised — Charleston, South Carolina based. When I’m not up to my elbows in Final Cut Pro you might find me slurping down oysters, stuffing my face with fried chicken, or traveling.

Here at Nest Productions our mission is simple: make sure you have the best destination wedding videography experience humanly possible.


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The Ninjas

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Oh, you're still reading? Here, watch one of these. Maybe you can relate?

Ohhh heeeyyy, Interns!


We LOVE us some interns! Whether you're looking for a part time or full time Fall, Spring or Summer internship or externship, we would LOVE to meet you! If you want hands on experience in seeing how the gears turn in the microcosm of a small business, this is your ticket.  You'll have opportunities to learn on site filming + photography, post production editing and processing, how to market and make sales like a B0$$,  social media management, content management and generation like a BAMF as well as present your own campaign concepts and ideas at our staff meetings.

Like any relationship that matters in life, we've got some standards:

This Aint Yo Mama's Internship

  1. Stand Behind The Work You Do: We are a boutique [read: hand-picked] team of marketing + media designers that take immense pride in what we do. Every video we take live, every photo we post and every word we write is a reflection of who we are and what we are about. That said-- we are looking for driven, business minded, aesthetically gifted rockstars with an eye for detail, and a teachable mind who can truly contribute to our team.
  2. When we're on, we're on: Much of the work we do is on someone else's timeline (i.e. weddings or events) so being consistent and on time = an absolute non-negotiable, we can't put a wedding on hold because you slept in or are hungover. Key words here are: focused, steady, SHOW UP.  We work hard and we play harder, when we're working on a project we're giving it 100% of our attention, focus and energy.
  3. "Goals are dreams with deadlines": We're big on goal setting: One of the greatest contributors to our success as a business and in our personal lives has been the ability to create accountability to yearly, quarterly and weekly goals within our business, and that's something you'll be immersed in working with us; not only within the business but within your personal goals as well! We want to see you gain confidence in your skillset, in being a part of something bigger than yourself, and within yourself internally.
  4. LISTEN and be teachable: You don't have to know Final Cut Pro or Photoshop yet, we can teach you those things, but what we can't teach you is the ability to be teachable. We're looking for someone whose not afraid to:
  • fail
  • look silly if you mess up
  • ask questions
  • try something new
  • say, "I don't understand,"
  • say, "I don't know, but I'll research and figure it out."


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