Now, if the thought of you getting in a sports bra and short shorts sounds like a terrifying idea, I hear you.  I’m sure you have hesitations about Buti yoga, so let me address some of those questions right now.

Do I have to wear a sports bra and those microscopic shorts? Why is that a thing?

 3 Reasons:

  1. So much of what we do focuses on core and safe alignment, so as an instructor part of the reason I wear a sports bra + shorts is so you can clearly see what I'm cueing and demonstrating with my body, and it's also helpful for you to see yourself too.

  2. This practice is all about learning to love and accept yourself, exactly how you are in THIS moment. Not when you lose the baby weight, or lose those x amount of pounds. It starts now. Yes, it's terrifying at first but it's also really powerful to start sending love towards your "problem areas" rather thinking thoughts of disgust or shame (for me, I'm most self-conscious about my low belly: AKA the pooch, and hips.) Your going to be surrounded by women who all have our own things we're self conscious about--fat wrinkles, cellulite, WHATEVER aaaannndd, we're all in this together, you're in a safe space, and you're okay.

  3. Because it's fun! There's no children around, there's no one around to judge you, we're in a private setting, so WHY not give yourself permission to have fun and feel sexy and let it go! Who cares!!! You can put your parka back on when you leave class and go about the rest of your life, but for 60 minutes, why not?!

All of this being said, if wearing a sports bra and booty shorts sounds AWFUL…don’t do it! Wear whatever makes you feel confident. That's what this is all about. You do you; no one is ever going to pressure you to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing!

Shelby, I'm scared!! I'm so out of shape and I’m not sure if I’m physically able to keep up…

My #1 rule in ALL of my classes is YOUR body is your #1 instructor, so regardless of the pace of the class or what I’m cueing, if you don’t want to do something or your not sure if that’ll feel good in your body… don’t do it!! You do you; go at YOUR pace, modify, take breaks whenever you need them, water, towel off whenever you need.  Buti is an extremely high energy workout, we jump, we dance,  AND always know that this is YOUR practice, you do whatever you need to do, this is a no pressure, judgement free zone.

I’ve had moms come in to my class, do the first 15 minutes and then lay on their mat and be still for the next 45 minutes, and I LOVE that. You have full permission and my BLESSING to make your session into whatever you need it to be in the moment.

 So all the videos I see on Instagram look like girls just twerking…

I joke and say if Booty dancing and yoga had a love child, Buti would be the end result, but in all seriousness Buti is a safe practice based on proper alignment with constant cuing to protect the spine and joints. When it looks like “twerking” we’re actually TUCKING! Deep abdominal engagement is the foundation for Buti.  And hey, if you EVER have a question about something that feels safe in your body, please please please, ask me at the end of class and we can break it down together.

I suck at dancing! I can’t do something that looks so dance-ey and I’m not good at following choreography.

Everyone’s got white girl syndrome REAL bad the first couple classes…and, it’s okay! If your having fun, that’s all the matters! No one is judging your moves, I PROMISE. Everyone is so focused on staying alive and breathing and working they’ll hardly notice your terrible white girl moves.  Music drives this practice, so the songs usually have a very strong beat that’s easy to pick up, and if you can’t stick to the beat, who cares! I’ve found that the people that say they “don’t dance” or “can’t dance” end up loving Buti the most. So come, try it at LEAST 3 times, see if the class resonates with you, and if not, no worries :)

I’m too old for Buti, Buti looks inappropriate for someone my age...

Let me tell you something, the moms and grandmas (yes, grandmas) that come to my classes, after their 5th or 6th class kick all of us spring chickens butts!  You ladies know what’s up. I don’t care if you’re 30 or 60; you go at YOUR pace, if you have any injuries or sensitive areas of your body ALWAYS modify, go at your pace and if you’re not sure how to modify a movement, let me know after a class (or before if we have time) and I can show you a few options.  If you come in and have that intention of wanting to express yourself and feel beautiful, your flow may look totally different from your neighbors AND both are perfect. Come on!  Oh, and doing Buti with your mom is totally the best thing ever. You’ll have something to talk about and laugh about for MANY MANY Thanksgivings!!

I'm a guy, can I come to your Buti yoga classes?

There's a lot of hip spiraling, booty shaking, AND, it's a KILLER work out!  My classes specifically have a strong message of female sexuality and empowerment (and jokes in that direction), so if you have a sense of humor and you're comfortable being in a room full of sweaty half dressed women shaking their bodies, come on! You're welcome to join in a kick ass workout where you'll burn more calories than running (600 calories in 55 minutes, one of my clients tested it!) and raise your metabolic state for the following 72 hours.  

I'm a lady, and I'm not sure how I feel about having a guy in Buti yoga class...

Buti is a butt-kicking work out, no matter who you are! Though it's geared towards women, I have had a handful of men regularly attend class, and there are even a handful of male instructors! One male client of mine is married and has a daughter in her twenties, and he loves Buti for the same reason so many women do: it's such a great counter-activity to sitting at his desk all week, and is a great complement to all the traditional weight lifting and yoga he does.  So male or female, it's a great space to let loose in your body.  And IF there's ever a situation where someone comes into class, man or female with alternative intentions I will handle it immediately. Which brings me to the next question...


Is your studio space exposed to the public? Can anyone look in and see us?

Not at all. The studio I primarily offer group classes is in an upstairs, enclosed space out of the public eye.  No windows peering in, no one can walk by and see what we're up to.  I have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON CREEPERS, my girls from my studio back in Galveston (centrally located with a lot of foot traffic) can attest that anyone prowling, or trying to catch a "free show" does NOT want to be at the receiving end of my wrath.  Your safety is my absolute greatest priority, for my evening group classes I encourage everyone to leave in big groups, and I have other safety protocols in place in the studio should any situations arise.

Is this some kind of devil worshipping hocus pokus voodoo? 

Only if you want it to be, sweetie…. NO! This is not condoning any religion, set of specific beliefs other than quit being a jerk to other people and yourself.  My classes are a safe, non judgmental environment for you to come and MOVE your body! I do incorporate Chakras into my teaching. All this means is we focus on different parts of the body that correlate with different parts of our lives.  See? No selling-your-soul-to-the-devil here.

Does your music have cuss words?

Can you make a shoe smell? YES! Typically my weekly class playlists do drop some f-bombs. If you are scheduling a private event or Buti party I can 1000% create a playlist that is absolutely free of foul language.  We are all grown women, this is OUR time, there are no little childrens running around, we're gonna play some of the jams.  Speaking of the little childrens... 

Can I bring my preteen/teen daughter to your classes? 

In a word: YES! I personally think there is no better place for a teen or preteen woman coming into her power to be than in the company of a tribe of women expressing them selves and their femininity in a positive, empowering way.  Does my music drop cuss words, oh yeah.  Does she probably already know the words to that song before she heard it in my class? Oh yeah.  Aren’t a lot of the moves we do involve a lot of spiraling our hips? Oh Yes. And, how amazing for a young woman to make the connection of being a beautiful, powerful woman without the need to seek male approval AND to know there’s a whole tribe of women around here that support her. And, all that being said, use your discretion. You know your daughter, you make the call, and I would love to have her in my class.  I know what I was up to at 12 (Karma is going to be a b!tc#!!!), and man, the troubles and pain I could have possibly bypassed if I had some women role models that demonstrated my sense of identity and sexuality didn't have to correlate with seeking male attention or approval.

Still have a question I didn't answer?