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How It Works

Here's a walk through of what it looks like to work with us. (Scroll to the bottom for pricing + details!)


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Every couple is different, no two wedding films we’ve created are ever alike, and the results are always beautiful. 

We start with a free FaceTime or phone consultation where we'll have some questions for you guys.  We'll talk details about the logistics for the event, what you want coverage of, but we're also going to ask you things like:

  • what’s your favorite way to unwind?

  • what’s your ideal getaway weekend?

  • what’s your favorite books or movies?

We'll see if we're a good fit for one another and if it's a go, we'll set up your package and officially reserve your date with a $500 non-refundable deposit and signed agreement. 

"The advice I saw when trying to decide to book a videographer is absolutely true- Shelby was the one vendor I didn't know I needed/almost didn't book, but ended up being the best choice I made during the entire wedding planning process. We definitely would have regretted not having her there! She worked with us on package and price, was professional at the wedding, had great ideas, and WOW! Did she deliver. I couldn't believe how fast she got our video back to us, and even included bonus clips! It was amazing to watch the video during our honeymoon to relive the wedding from our guest's eyes- she captured every key moment and then some. She is also an awesome person! I would HIGHLY recommend Nest Productions!!!" - Sara


Leading Up To The Wedding


We believe couples deserve the right to HAVE FUN while planning a wedding. 

We try to keep things as simple as possible so you can enjoy the process leading up to your big day, so we’ll cover all kinds of logistics and details on our phone call!

A Note On Music Selection for Wedding Collections:

In 2014 there was this swanky law passed to protect musicians creative content -- AKA we now can get in BIG trouble using popular songs in our collections (read: anything you've heard on the Radio or Spotify) AND we get it, we're artists, too, so we select AWESOME cinematic songs we buy licenses for from approved databases.  Additional side bonus: Your collection has a much more timeless feel -- it can stay LEGENDARY FOREVER!!!! 

If you're a music connoisseur -- don't worry, we'll include you in the mix and let you choose from our playlists we pull from, AND-- if you do have specific favorite songs - we can work with you, we’ll just upload them in places besides YouTube and Vimeo for sharing.

"Shelby and the Nest Productions Team is amazing!! We decided last minute to add a videographer, and she was so accommodating to our wants and needs. She is super easy to get along with, and the moment she started videoing on our wedding day, I knew she was going to capture everything so well. She has a wonderful artistic touch and did a great job with our highlight video, so you can feel confident in trusting her to make your memories last a lifetime." - Caitlin


Your Wedding Day!

Meredith Banner.jpg

We take a stealth-ninja-cat approach to filming. We're not going to be jumping in your face during your first dance to "get that shot," we're going to capture moments from a candid perspective, using zoom lenses throughout the day and working in tandem with your photographer to capture you genuinely having the time of your life, not just posing like you are.

"The Nest Productions team does amazing work! I could not believe how well they were able to capture all the important moments of my wedding (and then some) without my even noticing. I was so surprised once I saw all of the in between moments they covered and how they somehow were able to skillfully capture these candid memories. Something that is so priceless! I am so happy that I had Nest Productions film my wedding day. I studied video production as part of my degree and understand the time and devotion it takes to make good video (and the amount of shots you have to go through and edit). Having this as my background I would not have settled for an average videography company. Nest Productions exceeded my expectations! Not only do they do great filming and editing but they’re so easy to work with really strive to tailor their work to capture those moments that are most important to you." - Laura


Post Wedding


01 Honeymoon .jpg

Congratulations! You did it!  Hopefully you've disappeared someplace tropical where there are no in-laws within a 500 mile radius. Well done.

Back in Charleston, we’ll start the bulk of our work in post production. We'll start staring at our MacBooks for 30-60 hours to bring your wedding day back to life. 

It’s a labor of love, but it’s where the real creativity is. We take hours of footage and condense it into your all-star, everything-you-need-to-relive-that-amazing-day feature film set to music in line with your taste.

That being said...


Turnaround time can be up to SIXTEEN WEEKS (that's 4 months, 112 days), and no, we don't need you helicopter-mom-ing over us asking for weekly updates.  Patience, young grasshoppa!

Fun fact: Post Production for videography is 3-4 times more time-intensive than photography as we have to factor in audio, multiple angles, and music overlays.  This is a creative process, so we ask that you give us the time and space to create a truly beautiful product, enjoy transitioning into married life, and relax! Your video collection always arrives at the most perfect timing. We'll reach out if we have any questions about who to spell family members names, etc.   IF you do want your videos expedited you can pay our expediting fee which pushes your project to the front of our queue.

Premier Party Kits-12B.png

#REAL Time of Your Life

Premier Party Kits-7.jpg

Wedding videos capture you actually having the time of your life, not just posing like you are.

The wedding industry has done a fabulous job marketing still photography (and the corresponding thousands of dollars set aside with it) and yet often wedding videos are an after thought. It's okay, it's not your fault, AND we invite you to take the REAL Time Of Your Life Challenge: where you prioritize actually being present with your loved ones, not just posing like you are.

Hear Amanda's story. She and her husband Wes were married back in 2016, and their video collection captured some priceless moments not only for them but their whole family.

"Nest Productions was a joy to work with -- the video that the team provided was so worth the money we paid. It was so well put together and truly encapsulated the day, with highlights from special moments with family to fun times on the dance floor. They even provided footage from our toasts which we will forever cherish. Thank you Nest Productions for providing such a wonderful keepsake from the most special day of our lives!" -Tori


$ Cost $

1600 paykyb-8er8-ian-schneider.jpg

Current Wedding Package Offerings:

Palo Santo + Sage! (Yes, we were feeling “vibey” when we came out with our latest offerings.

and whatever you do, don't forget:

 Collections Starting at $2450.

We set up a phone call to go over logistics and build your collection based on exactly your priorities (getting ready, drone footage, send off coverage, etc.) to find a happy medium that works with your budget and priorities.  We require $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your date, remaining amount due 30 days before the big day.

"Book them. Now. I was impressed with these guys from start to finish." - Kristen J. Scott, Atlanta Based Wedding Planner

Good Things Do NOT Come To Those Who Wait

In 2018 we had to turn away over 30 brides who tried to book too late...Take the next 85 seconds and fill out the form below, we promise it'll be one of best decisions you've made for your wedding yet!

"The advice I saw when trying to decide to book a videographer is absolutely true- Nest Productions was the one vendor I didn't know I needed/almost didn't book, but ended up being the best choice I made during the entire wedding planning process. We definitely would have regretted not having the Nest Productions team there! They worked with us on building a package that was exactly what we wanted, they were professional (and stylish) at the wedding, had great ideas, and WOW! Did they deliver. I couldn't believe how fast we got our video collection back to us, and they even included bonus clips! It was amazing to watch the video during our honeymoon to relive the wedding from our guest's eyes- Shelby, Thomas and the team captured every key moment and then some. We not only had amazing videographers but we made 2 new friends for life, too! I would HIGHLY recommend Nest Productions!!!" - Sara

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