Wedding Shot List Ideas for the Most Memorable Video On Your Big Day

There is, objectively and consistently, one thing that couples always tell us is the best advice they ever received when they were planning their own weddings— 

Don’t skimp on your photographer or videographer on your wedding day.

At the end of the day—after all the planning and preparation, the celebration and revelry—all you're really left with are your memories of that. And a great photographer and videographer is key to preserving those memories.

Now, with that said, we wanted brides and grooms to know that shooting your wedding day doesn’t have to rest solely on your videographer’s shoulders. In fact, we strongly encourage you to share with us your wedding shot list ideas to make sure that we create a memorable video of your big day.


With all the stress of wedding planning, your wedding shot list may be the last thing on your mind. We get that. So hopefully, this article can serve as a guide that simplifies the task for you and let you quickly check it off your to-do list— 

1. Wedding Shot List Musts

There are key scenes in your wedding that will happen only once. Our goal is to capture these moments at its most candid, honest, and sincere. The following should always be included in your wedding shot list—

·      Groom waiting at the altar

·      Bride’s entrance

·      Couple reciting their vows

·      The couple’s first kiss as a married couple

·      Recessional

·      The couple’s first dance

·      Cake cutting

·      Bouquet toss

2. Wedding Shot List During Preparation

The pre-ceremony preparation is a big part of your wedding. Getting dressed, doing your makeup, sitting down with your bridal entourage—all these are memorable scenes that are worth capturing on film. Here are our suggestions— 

·      Bride and bridesmaids getting read

·      Groom and groomsmen getting ready

·      Exterior shot of the ceremony venue

·      Guests milling in and out of the venue while waiting for the ceremony to start

·      The wedding dress by itself

·      The wedding dress on the bride being adjusted and fitted carefully

·      The bride hanging out with her entourage

·      The groom hanging out with the entourage

·      Candid interactions of the bride and groom with their entourage

·      Solo shots of the bride and groom laughing amid preparation

3. Wedding Shot List for the Ceremony

This is arguably one of the hardest footage to capture during a wedding. There are so many once-in-a-lifetime moments during this part of a couple’s wedding, often happening simultaneously that we have hope to preserve on film. The goal--to capture the emotion and sincerity behind these moments in the most authentic way possible. So in addition to the wedding shot list musts mentioned earlier, ceremony shot list should also include

·      Guests interacting and entering the venue

·      Guests seated and waiting in anticipation

·      Father kissing the bride and handing off to the groom

·      The whole ceremony

·      Exchange of the rings

·      Expressions of the bride and groom during their vows

4. Wedding Shot List for the Reception

Reception footage is typically more relaxed and candid. And this is definitely the vibe that you want to capture on film. You want the celebratory mood to translate palpably into your wedding video.

·      Shot of the reception venue set up

·      Guests trickling into the venue and signing the guestbook

·      Toasts for the bride and groom

·      Speeches delivered by the bride and groom’s parents

·      Guests enjoying cocktail hour

·      Wide shot of the reception area with guests

·      Close up of the place settings and centerpiece

·      Couples thank you speeches

·      Guests interacting and dancing

·      Bride and groom interacting and dancing with guests

·      Couple’s first dance

·      Cake cutting

·      Bouquet toss—bride’s perspective and ladies’ perspective

·      Garter removal

·      Last dance of the evening

·      Newlyweds existing the reception venue

Amid all the planning and preparation, even when you have this prepared wedding shot list to make sure you capture every moment, weddings will inevitably be a treasure trove of unexpected scenes and moments—all extraordinary and worth preserving. So choosing a videographer who can recognize these spontaneous moments and capture it on film is a big part of making sure that you get to preserve it for posterity. These are the scenes that add nuance and communicate the inherent vibe of your wedding day, even on film. They also have to have the eye and experience to edit the numerous scenes captured during the wedding and create a cohesive, honest story.

On that note, we’d love to invite you to sit down with us for a cup of coffee or a glass of mojito so we can discuss what we can do for you on your wedding day. Get in touch with us today—we’d love to hear from you.