So You Just Got Engaged--Here Are Some Wedding Planning Tips To Get You Started

Your partner proposed and put a ring on it. On the premise that you said yes, what’s your next step?

Planning a wedding—from the engagement announcement to the thank you cards—with as little stress as possible. The thought of organizing an event this relevant and important to your life can be exciting and exhilarating. But as any bride can attest, it’s also hectic and nerve-wracking. Here are some wedding planning tips to get you started.

Start with a budget 

So—how to start planning a wedding on a budget?  

If budget isn’t a major consideration for your upcoming nuptials, then feel free to skip this part. But let’s be honest, even if you had all the money to spend on your wedding, you would still want to make sure that you stick to a reasonable and workable budget. Besides, regardless of the amount, your budget will be the foundation of a lot of your wedding-related decisions.

If you have family members contributing to the overall wedding fun, be sure to start your wedding planning by sitting them down and having an honest conversation about what they’re willing to spend for the occasion. If you and your partner will be handling everything yourselves, then take a thorough and honest look at your finances.  

In addition, your budget will be based on initial ideas that you have for your wedding. For example, in terms of style and theme, are you eyeing a  casual garden party? An informal beach wedding? Or a formal candlelit dinner in a grand ballroom? How many people were thinking of inviting? When do you want to have your wedding? These top three factors are usually enough to give you a clear idea of where to start with your budget.

Down the line, as you get a clearer and better picture of how much suppliers cost and who your vendors are going to be, you can easily adjust your budget to accommodate your changes. Just remember to be transparent about modifications that you want.

Write down your list of must-haves 

Have an open and transparent discussion about what aspects of the wedding are absolute must-haves for you. We suggest sitting down with your fiancé where each of you lists down your top three wedding day non-negotiables. Do you want to allot budget for your dress, photography, and videography, and reception? Or did you want more focus on the food, flowers, and the open bar? Whatever it is, be sure to list everything down, compare with your fiancé, and find a compromise between your priorities. You can also include running down a wedding list of things to buy so that you make sure that you stick your budget.

Find Inspiration

Pinterest and Instagram remain the best resources for wedding inspiration. While it may feel a little overwhelming, we recommend taking a few minutes each day to browse through your preferred platform and saving pegs and images that you can use to show your vendors. Having a visual reference for what you want on your wedding day will make it so much easier for you to work towards achieving your vision for your wedding. Just be sure to stick to your wedding style or theme that you choose and try very hard to stay focused on that.

Make checklists 

This is especially useful if you don’t have a wedding planner. Something as simple as a wedding checklist or a wedding reception checklist can save you a lot of time and money and even prevent meltdowns as your wedding date draws closer.  Whether you prefer to write it down or upload everything on the cloud, simply making sure that you have your ideas, budgets, or numbers all in a single place can help you stay organized.

Don’t rush your decisions 

In the excitement of things, you might find yourself agreeing to the first florist you speak to. You might end up booking the first caterer you visit for your tasting. You could end up bringing a photographer or videographer on board just because you’re so excited to get the ball rolling. But pause and weigh all your options before you make any significant decisions about your wedding. 

You may like their ideas, but do you have proof that they can execute your vision? Are you confident that they can bring to life what you have in mind for your wedding? Bear in mind, photographers and videographers shouldn't just be considered in the context of skill and budget. They happen to spend the most time with the bridal party—they're there long before the ceremony and festivities start, and they're there long after the guests leave. To that end, you have to feel comfortable around them and their crew. They have to be unobtrusive yet still be able to capture the special moments of your big day.

These considerations aren’t something you determine on a whim. So take a step back and consider all your options before you decide on anything. In fact, if you’d like to sit down with us to talk about how you can best capture your special day for posterity, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and show you what we have in mind.


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